AVM Games – Recover Gold Coins Walkthrough 2017

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Recover Gold Coins is the latest point and click escape game created by aVmGames. In this escape game, While roaming around your garden, you stumbled upon an intricately designed key. You went inside and tried the doors that would fit the key. You tried every room but still no good results. So you decided to walk around the garden once more. You saw a frog jumping against the fence. You found it amusing so you stepped closer until you found the concealed door. The key in your pocket jingled with the coins. So you tried the key and it fits. You went inside to find a forest. The forest was glowing brightly like treasures are hidden within. You took a step and the door closed for good. You gathered enough treasures and all you need to do now is escape.

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Play Here: AVM Games – Recover Gold Coins

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