AVM Games – Wild Cottage House Escape Walkthrough 2017

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Wild Cottage House Escape is the latest point and click escape game created by aVmGames. You can’t decide whether you want a cottage house. To your surprise, it turns out very well. There’s nothing else that you can wish for except for one thing, That is to escape from this wild cottage house. While you were busy arranging your house, you misplaced the key. Without that key, you can’t open the door which also means that you can’t get out. Because of this, you have to find a way to find that key as soon as possible. There are clues around the house that can help you to locate where the key is. All you have to do is to roam around and look for those clues.Good luck and have fun!!!

If you haven’t play the game click here to start now!

Play Here: AVM Games – Wild Cottage House Escape

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