Games2Jolly – Tiger Cub Rescue From Forest Walkthrough 2017

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Games2Jolly – Tiger Cub Rescue From Forest is another point and click escape game from games2jolly family. Wild life poachers are evil money minded brutal criminals who hunt down wild animals for their skin, claws, trunks, horns, etc… Those culprits have kidnapped a cute tiger cub from nearby forest and locked him up inside a cage made out of the tree log of a huge tree. Help the little tiger cub get ut of that cage. The poachers are away from their hideout so this is the perfect time for rescue mission. Use the objects nearby, clear the puzzles and get the cub out. Good Luck…

If you haven’t play the game click here to start now!

Play Here: Games2Jolly – Tiger Cub Rescue From Forest

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