Games4King – Chinese Girl Rescue Game Walkthrough 2017

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G4K Chinese Girl Rescue Game is another point and click room escape game Developed by Games4King. Welcome back, escapers! The story of this game is The nomad tribe invaded our lands again. The king failed at creating a good defense line on our borders and now the inner areas are in chaos. The barbars are stealing and killing where they want. Our village was also attacked. One of them kidnapped the daughter of the elder. They took her into their nearby camp, so we have a chance to save the Chinese Girl . You’re our best warrior so we send you to sneak into their camp and rescue The Chinese Girl . The best time to go would be during daylight, because most of them are away. Let’s go and good luck!

If you haven’t play the game click here to start now!

Play Here: Games4King – Chinese Girl Rescue Game

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