Games4King – Fire Dragon Rescue Game Walkthrough 2017

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G4K Fire Dragon Rescue Game is another game Developed by Games4King. Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game ,The dragons were treated like the fiercest enemies of the humans. In the eye of the people, they were dangerous and brutal killers, nothing else. No wonder, the humans started to join forces and hunt them down. They didn’t spare eggs, nor baby dragons. It resulted in the total extinction of the dragon race. Later, it turned out there was a use for the dragons after all. They kept away the hordes of the undead armies from the East. These skeleton warriors can’t be killed, only with magic weapons or with dragon fire. Since most kingdoms don’t have these, they fell into chaos and destruction. The hordes are swamping through the lands, killing everyone. However, you’ve found a book, which told the story of a cursed dragon, who got locked up by a mage. The curse gave him extra long life. You knew you had to find this dragon and use it against the undead.

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Play Here: Games4King – Fire Dragon Rescue Game

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