Games4King – Kidnapped Girl Escape 2 Game Walkthrough 2017

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G4K Kidnapped Girl Escape 2 Game is another point and click room escape game Developed by Games4King. Kidnapped Girl Escape is a game in which a little girl from your neighborhood was kidnapped. Everybody was searching for her for many days but without any success. One day you remembered that there is a alone house is the middle of the forest which could be the perfect place for hiding. So you went there alone and found the little girl closed in a hut. You have to help her escape before the kidnappers are back. The hut is locked with puzzle so you will have to find and use a Key to unlock it. Hurry up and help the little girl escape. Good luck and have fun!

If you haven’t play the game click here to start now!

Play Here: Games4King – Kidnapped Girl Escape 2 Game

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