Games4King – Puppy Surprise Escape Game Walkthrough 2017

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Your friend invited you over to his house. He has a very cute puppy that is very precious to him. You went and meet him and his pet. Then he got a call from his office. He left the puppy with you. He told you to keep a close watch on the puppy because he really likes to play. You got so caught up with playing your favorite game. And you forgot about the puppy. Then suddenly you heard a wince. You turned and saw the puppy stuck inside the cage. You went over to open it but you can’t. So you rummaged around the house before your friend gets back.His kennel is also receiving maintenance. You want the kennel to be as safe and clean as possible. You usually have someone come and do the cleaning. He’s already waiting but you’re taking a long time with finding the key. He has a lot on his schedule today and delays aren’t helping. Play G4K Puppy Surprise Escape Game by Games4King.

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Play Here: Games4King – Puppy Surprise Escape Game

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