Games4King – Shoe House Escape Game Walkthrough 2017

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G4K Shoe House Escape Game is another point and click room escape game Developed by Games4King.Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game , You love shoes so much! Sneakers, heels, pumps or boots. Everything about shoes makes you go crazy. You bought ten pairs of shoes for this month but still, you can’t get enough. You went to the mall to buy another pair but they don’t have anything new to offer. The thought of it pissed you off so you went out to look for a shoe boutique. You were driving along the road when you saw a shoe-shaped house. It really caught your attention. You went out of the car to check it out. You thought that it is a shoe parlor so you went it. But you are surprised when you saw a pair of shoe in locker .You can’t get out the shoe. The house contains puzzles that you need to solve. You also need to collect items that you can use to get out the shoe. Are you ready? We’ll see it!. Good luck and have fun!

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Play Here: Games4King – Shoe House Escape Game

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