Games4King – White Chicken Escape Game Walkthrough 2017

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G4k White Chicken Escape Game is another point and click room escape game
Developed by Games4King. On your farm you love the most your chickens. It’s not that you don’t give attention to the other animals, but you have some special feeling to the chickens. You analyze closely their day by day activity, feed them correctly and take care of them properly so they would live a happy life. Every morning you count your chickens to make sure that none of them is missing. But this morning you had an unpleasant surprise. One of your chicken’s have disappeared. It’s time for a searching mission. It seems that your neighbor stole it and locked it in a Wooden Barrel. Rescue the chicken from that Wooden Barrel. Have fun!

If you haven’t play the game click here to start now!

Play Here: Games4King – White Chicken Escape Game

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